First Friday Adoration at Cathedral

The Cathedral will have Eucharistic Adoration in the main church this Friday, September, 4th, from 7:30am to 8:00pm.

Confessions will also be available from
11:00am-1:00pm in the Adoration Chapel.

All are welcome to come and pray throughout the day!

We are in need of adorers to sign up and commit to an hour
of praying with Our Lord: sign-up will be a one-time
commitment for September 4. We will have additional signups each month. Please contact Steven at to sign up.

Thank you!

Annual Diocesan Consecration Mass

, September 8, 2020 – On the Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Bishop Quinn will renew the consecration of the Diocese of Winona-Rochester to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, at a special 5:15 pm Mass at the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart in Winona. All are welcome to attend this annual event. Anyone interested in attending the Mass is asked to RSVP to the Cathedral no later than noon on Monday, September 7 with your name, phone number and how many will be attending by calling 507-452-4770 .

*Face coverings and distancing according to guidelines required.*


Sunday, August 30th 10:30 Mass

Due to the registration requirements and number limitations for attending Masses we are unable to accept any additional sign up requests at this time for the Sunday, August 30th Mass at the Cathedral at 10:30 am..

Please feel free to contact the other parishes in Winona to check on their availability and register.

Sunday Mass Registration for Cathedral

We are now at our allowed capacity for the 10:30 am Mass on Sunday August 23. Therefore, we are not accepting any additional reservations at this time.

2020 Youth Service Camp

Mission Appeal 2020

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic there will not be a Missionary this year for an in-person appeal. However the Missionary Cooperative 2020 is still being offered and promoted through the parishes.

Dear brother priest and dear brothers and sisters of the Church in Winona,

I am Fr. Leo, an Argentinian missionary priest, and together with my blood-sister, a Maria Splendor Christi, we are announcing the Gospel of Christ in Ecuador, in the very south of the City of Guayaquil, a very humble place, where the Great Pope John Paul II insisted to visit on one of his trips.

My Parish is entrusted to this great Saint, Padre Pio of Pietrelcina, God gave the world as an immense gift last century, who continues to perform great miracles. As you might know, many

Americans were able to travel to Italy and meet him personally, as he was also seen in North America, visiting people in need. If you have not heard of him, let me encourage you to do it: there are several pages on the internet and videos telling his stories. I am also working on recording a short series of videos narrating his life on YouTube. You also have a beautiful Shrine dedicated to him in Pennsylvania.

This epidemic situation made it impossible for me to travel and visit you personally. No doubt this crisis hit the whole world, but we need to cling to St. Paul's principle OMNIA COOPERANTUR: ''we know that all things work together for good to those who love God" (Rom. 8: 28), and to persevere in prayer and penance, together with charity. This is why, even though you have suffered a lot in the whole Country, you might be able to stretch your hands to those who also suffer with you -united in the same Body and Spirit- in a different part of the world.

We have three projects in which we need and will appreciate your support:

FOOD PROJECT: Sad to say, Guayaquil has become very famous at the beginning of the crisis, as you might have seen in the news. 90% of my Parishioners don't have a normal job, and work for daily wage. Some of my courageous parishioners volunteered to locate the families in need (elderly, families with many children one of them has 9!-, mothers without the help of the children's fathers), and after visiting the 138 blocks of the Parish and making a list of those most in need, along with the help of some friends in the US who sent some money, I was able to buy FOOD KITS for 240 families -either Catholics or not-, about 1,149 persons (482 of them children). I am praying to St. Joseph that we can do this once or twice per month, until the end of the crisis.

OUR SCHOOL PROJECT: We also run a Catholic School 'Padre Pio' with 360 students. The tuition for the year of a child in our School is only US$350. Many people in the US, due to other Mission Appeal trips in previous years, have sponsored a child for a year. At the present, we have a list of 78 children. Even though education will mostly be online, it becomes three times more difficult, since most of the parents cannot afford the tuition and we still have to pay all the teachers. Please support us in educating these children according to Christian Principles, and not in the destructive principles of modern and socialist mentality? They are the future of Ecuador, and -if they become saints­ benefactors of all humanity, as Padre Pio…

CHURCH SUPPORT: Finally, your financial support will help us continue to pay our basic services and build a beautiful Church and Shrine for our Patron Saint, in order to promote his devotion.

Let me assure you of my daily prayers for your Church and your families, especially at the daily Mass I try to celebrate every day with the best of my love and devotion!

Fr. Leonardo Gabriel Lopez, IVE
St. Padre Pio of Pietrelcina Church, Guayaquil, Ecuador 

If you wish to make a donation to the 2020 Mission Appeal, make checks out to your parish and clearly mark for Mission Appeal. Then, mail the donation to the parish office or drop it in the collection basket when you come to Mass.

We will receive donations through Sunday, August 16.



Winona Volunteer Services New Hours

Beginning July 1, 2020, food distribution at Winona Volunteer Services Food Shelf will occur:

Monday 10:00 am – 1:00 pm
Tuesday 10:00 am – 1:00 pm
Wednesday 10:00 am – 1:00 pm
Thursday 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Friday 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Households receive a prepacked box of nonperishable food plus basics like dairy, meat, produce, and bread. We have suspended the use of food shelf cards so there is no need for anyone to come into the office to register. 

If you are sick and need food, please call 507-452-5591 and talk with a staff member to determine other options such as curbside pick-up or delivery.


The Winona Volunteer Services Clothes Shop will be open new hours as well beginning July 1, 2020:

Monday 10:00 am- 2:00 pm
Tuesday 10:00 am- 2:00 pm
Wednesday 10:00 am- 2:00 pm
Thursday 1:00 pm- 5:00 pm
Friday 1:00 pm- 5:00 pm
Saturday 10:00 am- 1:00 pm

During these hours, we will also be accepting clothing, linen, & clothing accessories donations.  Thank you! 

 Please note: All services, including Food Shelf, Clothes Shop, Home Delivered Meals, and Coordinated Assistance will be closed on Friday, July 3rd in observance of Independence Day.

New Titles Available on Our Lighthouse Media Kiosk

Stop by Cathedral's Gathering Space and find some faith-filled summer reading!  
Many new titles added.  Here are just a few:  

The Manly Art of Raising a Daughter book cover       The Mentor’s Handbook book cover      A Priest Answers 27 Questions book cover

Filling Our Father’s House book cover     The Roman Catacombs book cover     Sacred Heart of Jesus Coloring Book book cover

Religious Freedom Week

Beginning June 22, the Feast of Saints Thomas More and John Fisher, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops celebrates Religious Freedom Week. Join us in promoting religious freedom For the Good of All.

All people desire to know their Creator. All people have a natural impulse to seek the good and to live in accordance with that good. All people can flourish when they pursue the truth about God and respond to the truth. Religious freedom means that all people have the space to flourish. Religious freedom is both an American value and an important part of Catholic teaching on human dignity. When we promote religious freedom, we promote the common good and thus strengthen the life of our nation and the community of nations. Learn more at! 

Alpha Youth Happening Now!

Got Questions?
Try Alpha.

Life is better together. Explore purpose, meaning
and ask the big questions of life - together - at Alpha.
Wednesdays.  6-7:30pm.  Holy Family Hall. Cathedral of the Sacred Heart.
(Neccessary COVID-19 precautions will be followed).

Cotter Online Auction Fundraiser

We are days away from opening our Online Cotter Auction! More than 130 auction packages have been donated - a huge thank you to all who reached out to contribute!

Among the long list of awesome auction packages, you will find a SeaDoo, Beer and Wine for a Year, Traeger Wood-Fired Grill package, exclusive dinner experiences, artwork, and SO MUCH MORE. All items are available for bidding beginning at noon on Sunday, June 14 and will end at 7 p.m. on Saturday, June 20.

Please consider joining us online at to help raise the critical support needed to provide the Cotter educational experience to our students. Registration is free! In the upcoming days video links featuring auction items will be posted on our website and social media.

We have an excellent mix of silent auction & premium silent auction items to bid on. We also have three areas of support that are most needed at this time: 
  • Rambler Relief Fund (tuition aid)
  • Classrooms & Technology Fund (21st Century Classroom upgrades)
  • Activity Bus Fund (our bus must be replaced this coming school year) 
Donation options can be found at our website under "MAKE A GIFT" or through the online auction website.

A big thank you to our event sponsor, WNB Financial, and all of our wonderful sponsors and donors who have stepped up to support our online auction!  

Winning bidders can pick up their packages from Cotter on Monday, June 22 from 11 a.m. - 1 p.m. We will bring items to your car and place in your backseat or trunks as we abide by social distancing guidelines. We are also offering free local delivery, within 10 miles of Winona, if you are unable to pick up at Cotter. Gift cards will be mailed to the winning bidder if not picked up from Cotter on June 22.

Please let us know if you have any questions. We hope you will join in the fun!

Anna Koopman & Jana Korder 

Catholic Marriage Summit

Married Couples:
If you are...
•          Excited about making the good parts of your marriage great...
•          Committed to making the weak parts strong...
•          And open to renewing all the things in between…

The 2020 Catholic Marriage Summit will show you how to get the marriage you want from the marriage you have! Never before have so many amazing Catholic couples come together to be inspired and learn from some of the most well-known and loved experts in the world! To register for free go to

Over 60+ experts presenting as couples, sharing their hearts and advice on dealing with every day issues. Hosted by, Damon & Melanie Owens, and featuring: Scott/Kimberly Hahn, Edward/Beth Sri, Chris/Natalie Stefanick, Jackie & Bobby Angel, & more!

Public Mass Update


The Catholic Parishes of the City of Winona will resume public Masses, with a limited schedule, on the weekend of June 13-14.

Because of coronavirus concerns, the number of worshipers will be limited to no more than 25% of capacity. According to Fr. Mark McNea, Rector of the Cathedral, "As we begin public Masses, the safety of everyone involved is paramount. Parishioners are invited to register to attend and once the limit is reached, they can consider another Sunday Mass. Attending daily Mass is also an option." Bishop John Quinn of the Diocese of Winona-Rochester has dispensed Catholics from attending Sunday Mass for the time being, and individuals older than 65 or living with underlying conditions are encouraged not to attend.

During the last few months, many worship services have been available via live stream - a service which will likely be available in the future. St. Mary's pastor Fr. Mike Cronin said that the "virtual Masses" have been well received. "It's not easy to look out at empty pews.  I know we pastors want to see the folks and I know that people want to get back to regular attendance, but we all agree that we want to do our best to protect the health and safety of everyone who walks through the doors of any parish church in Winona."

The Diocese recently made available to pastors a list of protocols and recommendations to be considered by each parish, which can be found at "The protocols are important and each parish will follow them according to their specific circumstances," said Fr. Patrick Arens, Rector of the Basilica. Fr. Arens noted that appropriate signs will be posted related to social distancing and the wearing of face coverings, as well as other protocols for worship at this time. As new information is learned about COVID-19, and with the guidance of the Minnesota Department of Health and the Centers for Disease Control, plans are subject to change.

Hope Harbor Fundraiser

Hope Harbor is a wonderful organization that ministers to teens and their families. Their big fundraiser, the Donut Run has been canceled this year, but check out their virtual event, the Do NOT Run--donuts still involved!

Virtual Catholic Concert series for Covid-19 relief

Public Mass Update

Dear Parishioners,

Please see the May 23rd message from Bishop Quinn regarding the public celebration Mass.  We are working to implement the necessary protocol to resume public worship.  Thank you for your patience during this time.  A letter will be sent to each household when we are prepared to gather again for Mass.  Know that you are in our prayers!

Public Mass Information Update

Please go to the link below to see the latest information update regarding resuming public Masses issued by the Minnesota Bishops.

Public Mass Update

Please read the following letter and protocol from Bishop Quinn regarding public Masses in the Diocese of Winona-Rochester

May 15, 2020

Dear Brother Priests, Deacons, Consecrated Men and Women, and God' s Holy People,

Thank you for your faithfulness during these unprecedented times. I appreciate your patience, as we all yearn and look forward to the day when we can once again gather together for the celebration of the Eucharist. I also want to express my gratitude toward our priests, for their fidelity to their priestly ministry and their continued service to God's people. As society begins a slow return to a state of normalcy, I write to inform you of statewide efforts toward resuming the public celebration of Holy Mass.

A meeting has been scheduled for Monday, May 18, 2020, between faith leaders and public officials to solicit feedback on a new set of public worship guidelines that the Governor's administration will be producing for churches and other houses of worship. Early next week, all the bishops of Minnesota, will together decide on a path forward, which will include identifying a specific date on which to return to limited public Masses for a number greater than 10 people.

Our decision will be guided by three principles: 1) love of neighbor and concern for the common good, including the health and well-being of our neighbors; 2) respect for public authorities and their directives and guidance; and 3) the rights of the faithful to the Sacraments and the duty of worship we owe to God. The faithful can expect that we will weigh these considerations carefully as part of our common responsibility to the state, while also protecting our liberties to assemble and worship freely.

The date of reopening our churches for worship with more than 10 people is still uncertain. Until that date is determined, I am authorizing the priests of the diocese, as of May 18, 2020, to resume the celebration of public Masses as long as they adhere to the current directive that no more than 10 people are in attendance (including the priest) and that appropriate social distancing and sanitization protocols are observed. The Dispensation from the obligation to attend Sunday Mass remains in effect until further notice.

After a date is set for Masses with a larger number of people, each parish may reopen at their own pace, according to the attached protocols, while adapting them as needed to meet your specific circumstances. For further suggestions, the guidelines from the FDLC and Thomistic Institute offer more in-depth guidance. It is suggested that each parish establish a team to help plan for the implementation of the necessary protocols.

As Catholics, we demonstrate our love for Jesus Christ not only at Mass, but by living out the Eucharist by what we do outside of Mass. It is precisely through our love of neighbor and concern for the common good that Catholic parishes, schools, and organizations continue to provide meals for our families, shut-ins and elderly who have no food on their table. We provide daycare for essential workers, spiritual direction for those struggling with the pandemic and their loss of loved ones, as well as assisting parents who juggle working from home while teaching their children through distance learning. The Church is a sign of hope, comfort, and love to everyone.

Let us ask the Lord to help us cultivate patience, serenity, and peace of soul during this pandemic, believing that God will bring many graces from our sacrifices. I will communicate early next week, after the meeting with the other bishops of Minnesota, about the path forward. Blessed are you.

Sincerely in Christ ,


The Most Reverend John M. Quinn
Bishop of Winona-Rochester
55 West Sanborn Street | P.O. Box 588
Winona, MN 55987

Protocols for Celebration of Public Masses
Diocese of Winona-Rochester

   The dispensation from the obligation to attend Sunday Mass remains in effect until further notice.
•   If possible, live-streamed or taped Masses should continue while restrictions about attendance at public Masses are in place.
•  Those over age 65 and those with underlying health conditions will be  strongly encouraged not to attend. It may be possible to bring them the Eucharist as circumstances allow, through a visit from a priest, deacon, or extraordinary minister of Holy Communion. Also, anyone showing any symptoms of sickness, or anyone who has a household member who is sick or showing symptoms of sickness should not come to Church. While much effort will be put into sanitizing your parish facilities, risks still remain for those who choose to attend.
•    While future guidance will be given, total attendance is not expected to exceed more than 1/3 of the capacity of the church at each Mass. You and your team will be responsible for figuring out how to limit attendance. It is best to be proactive in making this decision.
•  The space will be thoroughly sanitized before and after each service, including all entryways and doors. Holy water fonts should be empty and hymnals removed.
•    Signs will be posted concerning social distancing and sanitation requirements.
•    Hand sanitizers will be available at all entryways.
•   Please follow all local safety orders specifically relating to proper face coverings such as masks.
•    People will be instructed not to greet each other by touching.
•   Signs and other instructions will encourage normal, safe practices necessary to stop the spread of infection (e.g. cough or sneeze into a shirtsleeve, handkerchief, or tissue; avoid touching the eyes, nose, and mouth to help slow the spread of the virus).
•   Ventilation will be increased as much as possible, by opening windows and doors, as weather permits.
•   To reduce the spread of the virus, parishioners are encouraged to attend Mass only at their parish.

Pentecost Virtual Seminar

Diocesan Pentecost Seminar
Living and Growing in the Holy Spirit

Virtual Seminar
DATES: May 30th 8:30 a.m.-Noon & May 31st 3-5 p.m.
 Follow up meeting- June 7th 3-4:30 PM

This online adaptation of a “Life in the Spirit” seminar will awaken the hearts of all those that participate to God’s love and transforming power. The seminar uses material from the popular series, The Wild Goose, along with praise, prayer and witness talks. Parishes and all that receive this flyer are encouraged to invite all who want to go more deeply into living a Spirit-led life. All are welcome. To learn more and to register please contact: Dcn. John Hust (diocesan liaison to Catholic Charismatic Renewal, (, Nancy Hust (, or Scott Schwalbe ( (cell 507 208-0877). **Register via e-mail or phone. Information about the seminar, along with the details on how to attend this free virtual seminar will be sent out a week before to all that are registered.

The Wild Goose with Fr. Dave Pivonka can be viewed on if you want to view this before the seminar. All you need to do to prepare for this seminar is to come with a humble and contrite spirit and pray for the Spirit to breathe new life into our hearts.

Sacrament of Reconciliation on Saturdays

Until further notice, the Sacrament of Reconciliation will be offered at the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart every Saturday from 2-4 PM unless noted otherwise, beginning this Saturday, May 9.

Social distancing precautions will be made, and as a result there will be no face-to-face confessions.

This is schedule is only temporary, and once public masses resume, we will be returning to our normal times of availability.

Mass of Consecration to Mary, Mother of the Church


As the world continues to face the crisis brought about by the global coronavirus pandemic, the bishops of the United States and Canada have joined to collectively implore the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary by renewing a consecration of the two nations to her maternal care under the title Mary, Mother of the Church.  The act of consecration will take place this coming Friday, May 1st, 2020, and follows a similar action of the bishops’ conference of Latin America and the Caribbean.  The consecration is a reminder of the Blessed Mother’s willingness to accept God’s plan, enabling her to become the vessel through which he might heal and restore humanity.

Bishop John M. Quinn of the Diocese of Winona-Rochester said, “the renewal of this consecration acknowledges our relationship as spiritual children of Mary, who always points to her son Jesus as the answer to every human question.  This consecration is particularly meaningful for our local Church, as the Diocese of Winona-Rochester has always recognized the special patronage of Mary, whose symbolism is present on our diocesan coat of arms.  I pray that Mary, Mother of the Church, with her loving child, might bestow a blessing of hope and comfort to all those struggling with the effects of COVID-19.”

Bishop Quinn will participate in the consecration with a private liturgy on Friday, May 1st at 2:30pm at the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart in Winona.  All are welcome to join Bishop Quinn via live stream on the diocese’s YouTube channel or Facebook page.  For more information, direct links and a worship aid in English and Spanish go to