Family, Teen, Youth Movie Night

Movie Night at Cathedral
Fri    03/08      6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
No fee.  No signup.  Popcorn is provided. Everyone is welcome!

Family & Teen Movie –  St. Augustine Room

Bakhita NR     3 hrs 15 min     2018      (subtitles) 

The incredible and moving story of the life of St. Bakhita. As a child in the Sudan, she was kidnapped by slavers around 1877, beaten and abused.  Later she becomes a nanny servant in Europe. Treated as an outcast by the peasants and the other servants due to her black skin and African background, Bakhita, with the help of a priest, grows closer to God. 

Youth Movie  –  St. Thomas Room

The Greatest Miracle PG     1 hr    2012        

The Greatest Miracle is an inspiring story which illustrates hope and faith. A story of the unseen sense of going and participating in church. It focuses on three characters and their guardians. From confession, to each part of mass such as communion, the offerings and our prayers for those who have gone to heaven or purgatory. Thus having hope and faith will help the stories advance through the explanation of mass.