How to Win an Argument Without Losing a Soul

How to Win an Argument Without Losing a Soul

Monday June 26th 2017
6:30 pm-8:00 pm
St. Augustine Room (basement, north corner)
Cathedral of the Sacred Heart: 360 Main St., Winona

DVD   2013   1h   NR
Whether you are talking with family, friends, co-workers or proselytizers at your front door, it helps to have not only the facts but the skills for presenting your points well.  Matt Fradd explains how to be an effective debater and how to do it with charity, humility, and patience. You will learn …

  • how to build a logical argument piece-by-piece
  • the most common fallacies in others’ arguments (and your own!)
  • wise strategies to ensure we do not to score debate points but lead souls to God’s truth

  … become a more effective instrument for communicating God’s saving truth …

Everyone is Welcome
No Registration.  No Fee.
See you Monday!