Bringing Christ to the Caucus

Many Catholics feel a sense of "political homelessness," as no party seems to advance a consistent ethic of life. But Minnesota Catholics have a fast-approaching opportunity to be a part of the solution.

On March 1, local precinct caucuses will be held throughout the state. Precinct caucuses are an important step in the political process, in which parties nominate candidates and form party platforms. A unified Catholic voice at the caucus level can play a large role in ending "political homelessness" by urging political parties to adopt positions that foster human flourishing from conception to natural death.

The Minnesota Catholic Conference is here to equip you to make a difference by being a voice for human dignity and the common good at your precinct caucus. Whether you're a seasoned caucus-goer or have never gotten involved before, the MCC website provides helpful resources, including: 
  • A useful explanation of the Minnesota caucus process
  • Tips for being effective at your local precinct caucus
  • Sample resolutions for the Democratic and Republican caucuses