Personal Invitation to the Men in the Diocese of Winona

Attention Men of Winona

Click here for exciting information about the Diocese of Winona Men's Conference: Man of God on April 2nd. 

A man's heart has it's own unique characteristics that make it identifiably masculine. Man of God, therefore, seeks to inspire men to pursue holiness by structuring their lives with these Four Pillars; Conversion, Discipleship, Evangelization and the Sacraments.

This conference is an amazing experience for you to grow in your relationship with Our Lord. We prayerfully hope that you take advantage of this incredible opportunity to learn from your fellow brothers in Christ about what it means to be holy men of God in your own lives. Come and see what God calls for you!

Event leaders include:
Curtis Martin of FOCUS, 
Peter Herbeck of EWTN,
Our own Bishop Quinn.