Catholic Relief Service Haiti Delegation from Cathedral

We had the privilege of being part of a Catholic Relief Services delegation to Haiti and saw Catholic Relief Service in action. This is our reflection.
~Betsy and Dave Rowekamp 

Seeing is Believing

A heartbreaking country.
In many ways,
and seemingly, 

Seeing is believing.  
Inept government
and POVERTY that brought us to tears. 
Exhausted, sad faces without light. 
But a ray of hope exists. 

Seeing is believing.  
Catholic Relief Services is there 
Incredibly dedicated. 
Working for PEACE 
Addressing needs. 

Seeing is believing.  
A hospital, crumbled by the 2010 earthquake--
A  shelter for the homeless 
Children scarred by violence--
being cared for by nuns 
A once dangerous, violent neighborhood 
now a peaceful COMMUNITY
with a soccer field 
and space for FAMILY gatherings.

All supported 
and funded 
by Catholic Relief Services.

Blessed are you who have not seen but believe. 
Please give generously to Catholic Relief Services at all their appeals.  
You can be assured that your donations actually go to help poor and suffering people.