Be Won By Christ - Active Parts of Christ's Church

Become an active part in your faith community. 

Discuss the parish ministry opportunities with your family and friends, pray about Christ’s calling of living His Mission, and investigate which roles you are called to fill. 

Ministry forms will be available at Mass on November 14/15. 

An excerpt from one of our witness presentations last weekend:

I believe it is important to give back to God some of the many blessings He has given me by being active in His church.  And by being involved in His church, I have received even more blessings.  My children have learned how to give of themselves  and help others.  My wife and I  have met many people, and made lasting friendships  with others who share our same values and love for God. So in the process of getting involved in our parish to give back to God in thanksgiving for his blessings, we have received even more blessings.  I urge all of you to become involved.  Give of yourselves, even just a little, and you will get so much more back. Thank you.