Life and Dignity Weekend (10/10-11)


Our Catholic faith calls us to participate in the life of our communities. From conception to natural death, we are called to protect life and to promote dignity and respect for all human beings. In their 2012 Faithful Citizenship statement, the U.S. bishops write these challenging words: "In the Catholic Tradition, responsible citizenship is a virtue, and participation in political life is a moral obligation. This obligation is rooted in our baptismal commitment to follow Jesus Christ and to bear Christian witness in all we do." (No. 13)

In response to this challenge, the Catholic bishops of Minnesota have established a statewide advocacy network of Catholics who are answering the call to faithful citizenship by becoming more engaged in the political process. On the weekend of October 10-11, 2015, parishes in our area are joining with parishes throughout the state and celebrating Life and Dignity Sunday. During each Mass, the MCC Catholic Advocacy Network will be explained and parishioners will be encouraged to register for the network. Completed registration cards will be forwarded to the Minnesota Catholic Conference (MCC) for inclusion in the statewide database. Our bishops will ensure that this network is only used for activities related to the Church's social ministry and policy advocacy.
The MCC Catholic Advocacy Network makes it easy for your voice to be heard in Minnesota's Legislature and in Congress. It is a growing network of more than 35,000 Minnesota Catholics who are learning more about and acting on important state and federal policy issues of concern. Network members receive brief, monthly E-Updates and notices of educational events where they can learn about and take action on legislative issues. In addition, periodic Action Alerts will be sent when the state legislature or Congress is in session, asking members to make a phone call or send an e‐mail or letter to their Senator or Representative. Pre-written communications with key messages and talking points are provided, and they can be personalized by the sender. As few as ten messages to a state legislator from constituents on an issue will cause him or her to take notice. Imagine what 100 can do! A strong voice for life and dignity can and will make the difference for you, your family, and communities in need.
There could not be a more important time for this network to grow, as Minnesota continues to face old and new social challenges. The push to legalize doctor-assisted suicide in Minnesota has arrived; the income gap between the working poor and wealthy Americans is growing; the K through 12 educational achievement gap has spread from primarily urban to now many rural communities in our state; the institution of marriage and the right to life continue to be devalued; and, not least of all, the religious liberty of the Church, her institutions, and her followers is increasingly under attack. As Catholics, we care deeply about all of these "life and dignity" issues. Our state needs a strong, clear, moral voice for life and dignity today. Your willingness to participate within this network will help the Catholic Church become a powerful voice for life and dignity in Minnesota.
You are invited and have the opportunity to register for the statewide Minnesota Catholic Conference (MCC) Catholic Advocacy Network, which is a faithful, compassionate, moral voice for life, dignity, and justice in our state. If you registered, thank you! We encourage you to take advantage of the many advocacy resources and Catholic Social Teaching tools that the network provides, and we hope that you will be diligent in responding to the occasional e-mails that the network will send asking you to help us "take action" on an important social or public policy issue. If you missed signing up today, you can still register online at MCC's website: MCC is the public policy voice for the six Minnesota Catholic dioceses.


Rev. Msgr. Richard M. Colletti
Rector of the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart
Pastor St. Casimir;  Chaplain of Newman Center