Thank You to Building & Grounds Committee

Building and Grounds Committee
Cathedral and St. Casimir 

As Rector of the Cathedral, I want to acknowledge and thank all the members of our Buildings and Grounds Committee for their exceptional ongoing work for our parish cluster:  Willie Hahn, Mike Kramer, Mike Knepper, Dan Glasspoole, Mark Boll, John Denzer, Tom Lilla, Larry Boyer, and Jim Neppl our chairperson.  Thank you all for your dedicated service. And thank you to Mark Brickl and Betsy Rowekamp, our parish Trustees and Finance Council members, as well as to all our Finance Council members from St. Casimir and Cathedral who oversee the costs of these projects.

Thank you parishioners for your generosity to the Rooted in Faith Campaign so that we can keep our facilities in our cluster in great shape.  Note all the projects completed since spring:   If you would like to contribute to any of the future projects listed below, contact me or a member of the Buildings and Grounds Committee.

Projects completed since May:
  • Rectory bathroom sinks, vanities and faucets installed
  • Bearings, sprocket and chain installed on snow blower
  • Drainage tiles near St. Thomas room installed and new concrete installed
  • Sod laid over drainage tile areas
  • Tuck pointing on retaining walls and wall corner near St. Augustine Room complete
  • Volunteer cleaning of air conditioner filters done via man lift rented from Winona Rental
  • Damaged pew on north side of Cathedral near elevator repaired

Projects completed since June:
  • Filters above west balcony replaced
  • A/C in St. Thomas room repaired
  • Burned out lights in gathering space and naive replaced
  • Loose opaque film on rectory SW bedroom window replaced
  • New sod installed near St. Thomas room
  • Replaced motion sensor in gathering space women's bathroom
  • Dry wall installed in upper two rooms of St. Casimir's rectory
  • Cathedral boiler passed inspection
  • New water service installed to Hahn House at St. Casimir site
  • Installation of 5 new garage doors at Cathedral
Projects completed since July:
  • Boiler trap at adoration chapel fixed
  • Some blinking lights in church naive repaired
  • Power generator serviced for this year
  • Oil changed on compressors in boiler room
  • Fire sprinkler system inspection completed by Viking at Cathedral and St. Casimir's
  • New trim boards for exterior of St. Thomas room doors ordered
  • Tuck pointing of retaining walls, platform to Cathedral entry and portico walkway completed
  • Drain tile cleaning completed on Wednesday, 8/12/15: project manager - Dan Glasspoole
  • Mulch around the Church and rectory building

Projects approved but still pending:
  • Roof, gutter and downspout repair/replacement: project manager - Mark Boll
  • Repair of 7th Street steps and railings:  project manager - Dan Glasspoole
  • Replace exterior trim boards on St. Thomas room doors: project manager - Dan Glasspoole
  • Repair of concrete around Cathedral premises:  project manager - Dan Glasspoole
  • Repair of concrete on south side of rectory:  project manager -  Dan Glasspoole
  • Cutting and installing of safety bullard near music room A/C: project manager - Dan Glasspoole
  • Tuck pointing of Cathedral smokestack: project manager - Willie Hahn
  • Reconditioning of rectory window well grates and church door grills: project manager - Jim Neppl
  • Estimate and installation of rectory balcony door: project manager - Jim Neppl
  • Adjust rectory cabinet doors and install door and drawer pulls: project manager - Mike Kramer
  • Covering of bottom flat portion of nine windows on north and south side of Cathedral with aluminum coil stock. 
  • Wrap twelve window frames on Cathedral new addition with aluminum coil stock. 
  • Widen concrete hole in rectory basement and cut back concrete floor to one foot by two foot to allow necessary access to evaluate existing condition of sewer pipes. 
  • Thorough evaluation of rectory sewer pipes after hole in wall cut to allow access: Larry Boyer
  • Re-roof and repair damaged siding and studs on garage at the St. Casimir Hahn House.  Estimate for re-roofing by Russeau Roofing is $2, 466.  Repair of damaged siding to be done by volunteers:  Willie Hahn and Dan Glasspoole.  Estimate at approximately $800 to $1000 for materials.
  • Remove defective heat tapes on Cathedral roof and replace with new tapes only in gutters and downspouts:  project manager - Mark Boll
Other pending items:

  • A/C compressor fan for St. Thomas room in Cathedral is fluctuating and Larry Boyer is to contact WHV to determine if reprogramming of computer will resolve the problem.
  • Excess concrete from Cathedral projects could possibly be dumped into leaning block wall along north edge of St. Casimir's parking lot.
  • Touch up painting on Cathedral church doors: project manager - Mike Kramer
  • Committee suggested only special key available for access to attic due to safety concerns.