7 pm Mass at Cathedral Begins with New College Semester (8/23)

Look at this picture of our beautiful Cathedral. Its a wonderful place for sharing Christ's Word and love with all who visit it. For those in the Cathedral/St. Casimir cluster, we are blessed to call this place home. 
But not long from now, we will be welcoming back our university students (see other post about Welcome Back Weekends). These students are also a blessing to our parish, as they carry the light of Christ in their hearts even when they are away from home and busy with their studies.

While the students complete their degrees here in Winona, we are pleased to support them in coalition with the St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Newman Center with the 7 pm Sunday night Newman Mass, starting on Sunday August 23rd, 2015.

All are welcome to celebrate the Eucharist with these bright men and women at the 7 pm Mass, as well as the refreshments and fellowship that usually follow.   Take the opportunity to connect with these students so they may think of the Cathedral as their home away from home.