Thank You to Building & Grounds Committee

Building and Grounds Committee
Cathedral and St. Casimir 

As Rector of the Cathedral, I want to acknowledge and thank all the members of our Buildings and Grounds Committee for their exceptional ongoing work for our parish cluster:  Willie Hahn, Mike Kramer, Mike Knepper, Dan Glasspoole, Mark Boll, John Denzer, Tom Lilla, Larry Boyer, and Jim Neppl our chairperson.  Thank you all for your dedicated service. And thank you to Mark Brickl and Betsy Rowekamp, our parish Trustees and Finance Council members, as well as to all our Finance Council members from St. Casimir and Cathedral who oversee the costs of these projects.

Thank you parishioners for your generosity to the Rooted in Faith Campaign so that we can keep our facilities in our cluster in great shape.  Note all the projects completed since spring:   If you would like to contribute to any of the future projects listed below, contact me or a member of the Buildings and Grounds Committee.

World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation Tuesday September 1, 2015

Pope Francis recently announced that Catholics throughout the world will annually observe September 1 as World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation. Pope Francis selected this day because the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew had established the first day of September as day of prayer for creation among the Orthodox Churches. We will bring this intention to our daily Masses on Tuesday as we Catholics join together with other Christians on this day to pray  for what the recent encyclical Laudato Si’ calls “our common home,” the earth.

Canticle of the Creatures
Saint Francis of Assisi
Praised be you, my Lord, with all your creatures, especially Sir Brother Sun, who is the day and through whom you give us light. And he is beautiful and radiant with great splendor; and bears a likeness of you, Most High. Praised be you, my Lord, through Sister Moon and the stars, in heaven you formed them clear and precious and beautiful. Praised be you, my Lord, through Brother Wind,
and through the air, cloudy and serene, and every kind of weather through whom you give sustenance to your creatures. Praised be you, my Lord, through Sister Water, who is very useful and humble and
precious and chaste. Praised be you, my Lord, through Brother Fire, through whom you light the night, and he is beautiful and playful and robust and strong”.

Cited in FRANCIS, Encyclical Letter Laudato Si’, on care
of our common home, 24 May 2015, no. 87.

Transportation Help Needed

A parishioner of the Cathedral/St. Casimir Cluster is in need of help with transportation to and from radiation treatments in La Crosse beginning next week. If you would be willing to help this parishioner please contact Anna in the parish office at 452-4770 ext. 21.

Congratulations and Prayers go with Matt Wagner to Major Seminary

Matthew Wagner began formation for the Priesthood two years ago while attending St. Mary's University of Minnesota. After attending R.C.I.A., Matt received the Sacraments of the Eucharist and Confirmation and soon began discerning the Priesthood for God's plan in his life. 

Now, Matt is preparing for the next steps of formation toward Holy Orders in Detroit at the Sacred Heart Major Seminary. Our very own Matt Wagner has been accepted as a Candidate for Holy Orders and we are so proud of him. We, as his home parish, wish to show our support as he seeks his vocation in the Priesthood.

7 pm Mass at Cathedral Begins with New College Semester (8/23)

Look at this picture of our beautiful Cathedral. Its a wonderful place for sharing Christ's Word and love with all who visit it. For those in the Cathedral/St. Casimir cluster, we are blessed to call this place home. 
But not long from now, we will be welcoming back our university students (see other post about Welcome Back Weekends). These students are also a blessing to our parish, as they carry the light of Christ in their hearts even when they are away from home and busy with their studies.

While the students complete their degrees here in Winona, we are pleased to support them in coalition with the St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Newman Center with the 7 pm Sunday night Newman Mass, starting on Sunday August 23rd, 2015.

All are welcome to celebrate the Eucharist with these bright men and women at the 7 pm Mass, as well as the refreshments and fellowship that usually follow.   Take the opportunity to connect with these students so they may think of the Cathedral as their home away from home. 

Welcome Back Weekends - August 22/23, 29/30

We will be welcoming college students from the universities on the weekends of August 22/23 and August 29/30. 

Please join the Parish Life Committee in welcoming the students at Mass both weekends. 

Donuts, coffee, juice and fellowship await all after the 10:30am Masses. 

Please keep the college students and their families in your prayers and kindly welcome them throughout the year as a part of our Cathedral and St. Casimir Cluster family.

Eucharistic Procession and Holy Hour, Alma MI, eve of Final Vows

Msgr. Rick Colletti
Rector, Cathedral of the Sacred Heart

Eucharistic procession on the eve of Final Vows Alma, MI

Msgr. Rick Colletti
Rector, Cathedral of the Sacred Heart

Sister of Mercy in Alma, MI Celebration of Temporary Vows

Sister of Mercy in Alma, MI Celebration of Temporary Vows 

Please prayer for these young women of faith as they take on these vows. 

Msgr. Rick Colletti
Rector, Cathedral of the Sacred Heart

Pope Francis Reflection On Work From Father Rick

At this past Wednesday audience, Pope Francis gave us this beautiful teaching on work. I found it particularly pointed to my life which can be so filled with administration at times. I hope you find it inspiring and challenging also:

"We begin now a series of catecheses on three facets of family life: celebration, work and prayer. Let us turn first to celebrations which, as we see from the Story of Creation, are the invention of God, who on the seventh day rested from his work. It is God himself who teaches us the importance of dedicating time to contemplating and enjoying the fruits of our labours, not only in our employment or profession, but through every action by which we as men and women cooperate in God's creative work, even in times of difficulty. In the workplace too, we celebrate – a birthday, a marriage, a new baby, a farewell or a welcome. True moments of celebration make us pause from our work, because they remind us that we are made in the image and likeness of God, who is not a slave to work, but the Lord of work! And so we must never be slaves to work but rather its master! Yet we know that millions of men and women, even children, are slaves to work. The obsession with economic profit and technical efficiency puts the human rhythms of life at risk. Moments of rest, especially on Sunday, are sacred because in them we find God. The Sunday Eucharist brings to our celebrations every grace of Jesus Christ: his presence, his love and his sacrifice; his forming us into a community, and his way of being with us. Everything is transfigured by his grace: work, family, the joys and trials of each day, even our sufferings and death. May we always recognize the family as the privileged place to understand, guide and sustain the gifts which arise from our celebrations, especially the Sunday Eucharist."

Msgr. Rick Colletti
Rector, Cathedral of the Sacred Heart

The Solemnity of the Assumption of Mary - Not a Day of Obligation (8/15)

As the Assumption of Mary falls on a Saturday August 15th, 2015, it is not considered a Holy Day of Obligation.

Daily Mass is offered at 8 am at Cathedral and 8:30 am at St. Mary's for those who wish to celebrate the Solemnity.

Vacation Bible School Pictures Available

Vacation Bible School was a complete success this year. Smiles and joyful voices from one hundred and forty-seven children filled St. Mary's halls during Camp Discovery, where the campers learned
about God, love of neighbor, creative crafts and snacks, as well as some fun new dance moves.

This amazing spiritual experience is an incredible gift to the children of our parish and it could not be given without the help of our pastors and volunteers. To everyone who supported Vacation Bible School, as a pastor, volunteer, parent, or guardian, thank you for all you did for the  children this year at Camp Discovery.

Click here to see the full Camp Discover photo album on our Facebook page, courtesy of St. Mary's.

Two Sessions Offered for Fall Adult Faith Formation

 James: Pearls for Wise Living 

Have you ever struggled with living your faith practically? Do you want advice on how to live as a Catholic where you are? James is one of the most practical books of the Bible. Its teachings speak loudly to all those who feel torn between the competing demands of this world and their faith.

James: Pearls for Wise Living offers practical guidance by applying the wisdom of James to our current lives. For anyone who has struggled to live a truly Christian life, James offers a wealth of practical solutions for handling and even sanctifying everyday circumstances.

Cathedral of the Sacred Heart and St. Mary's parish will be hosting James: Pearls for Wise Living Bible study beginning September 22/23, 2015 and running through December 9/10, 2015

It will be offered in two sessions:
  • Tuesday evenings (6:30-8:30 p.m.) at St. Mary's Church in the Visitation Commons
  • Wednesday mornings (9:30-11:30 a.m.) at Cathedral of the Sacred Heart in the St. Augustine Room. 
Registration will end on September 8, 2015
Check out the video below to see a sample of the class DVD. To sign up or learn more, click here