All Catholic parish families in Winona are invited to consider hosting 4 exchange students while they study at Winona Cotter this coming academic year.

The students are Camila Correa, Camila Pareja, Camila Zuluaga, and Pedro Duque.

Three students will need a host for half of the year, and the fourth will stay the full academic term.

Camila Correa, 18 years old, is looking forward to seeing new places and meeting new friends abroad while studying at Cotter. She also is very fun and sweet, hoping to volunteer while studying for the full year (Aug 15, 2015 to June 10, 2016).

Camila Pareja, 15 years old, is a responsible, honest girl who enjoys music and sports. She also loves meeting new people and working hard to make them proud of her. This is her first year to live the student exchange experience and is excited to find her host family for half of the year (Aug 15 to Dec 23, 2015).

Camila Zuluaga, 14 years old, is also new to the student exchange experience. She is very driven by her own goals in sports and sharing her culture with her future host family. She enjoys swimming, running, and reading. She is very honest and respectful of the rules her host family give her during her stay from Aug 15 to Dec 23, 2015.

Pedro Duque, 17 years old, will be a senior at Winona Cotter and already plans to study Business Administration at the University of EAFIT after graduation. He enjoys sports, videogames, and contributing to the household by keeping busy. He hopes that his host family will embrace him as one of their own while he studies from Aug 15 to Dec 23, 2015.

The students have a partial scholarship to attend Winona Cotter and all fees, including their lunch at school, have been paid. The hosting family must provide room and board while they are in the house. 

These kids will be an excellent addition to any type of family. They hope to share their culture with their host families and new classmates while further strengthening their faith during their studies at Cotter. The families of Winona Catholic parishes are so blessed to be given this opportunity to open their homes as Christ would wish while supporting these students while away from their homes and families. Please consider this invitation prayerfully.

If you have any questions, concerns, or would like to become a host for one of these students, please contact Catalina Ferreira by phone, 507-438-7627. She would be happy to answer any questions and also provide the complete application of the student to any potential family.