Lenten Reflection: Day 29

Today's website Lenten Reflection comes from Fr. Robert Barron. Father discusses the correlation between sin and our fear of death.


What is our greatest fear? Ultimately, it's the fear of death. The final dark power that rends the world is the power of death.

What flows from our fear of death? The spiritual masters all agree that what flows is sin and division in all its forms.

I lash out in violence and retribution because I'm afraid to die. The same fear causes me to turn in on myself, becoming self-absorbed as you become an enemy. The fear of death is like a dark cloud that broods over human life. Therefore, when God's warrior arrives, the ultimate enemy he comes to face is death itself. And he engages the enemy at close quarters.

A warrior who never fights at close quarters won't win. So Jesus goes into violence, into dysfunction, and into the lack of forgiveness, and that's where he brings God's love. In fact, he must go all the way into the power of death itself in order to wrestle it to the ground. That's the language the Church Fathers use, by the way. The cross is Jesus going into the very lair of death. He goes to meet head-on that which frightens us the most. And what does He do? He battles it. He engages it. And finally he conquers it.

Remember Jesus Himself said that, "No one can plunder the house of a strong man unless a stronger one comes and ties him up." The strong man is death itself. No one will conquer death until a stronger one comes and ties him up. Jesus is the very strength of God now tying up the strong man of death."

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