Lenten Reflection: Day 24

Today's website Lenten Reflection is from Redeemed Online. In the video below, Jim Beckman (@JimImpact) shares about the reality of eternity, our deep desire for eternity, and Jesus’ invitation to eternal life.

Can you believe that Easter is just over 3 weeks away? For those of us on the East Coast, the endless winter is finally (hopefully) passed us and signs of spring are showing up. Maybe your Lent is going really well and the time seems to be flying by, or maybe the past few weeks have gone by really slowly. Time is strange like that. Often the most enjoyable experiences in our lives seem to happen so fast, while we watch the seconds pass slowly through the math classes of our lives.

As we approach Holy Week, the theme of time keeps coming up. We worship the Eternal God, we believe that Heaven is eternal joy, and Jesus offers eternal life to those who follow Him. It’s hard to wraps our minds around eternity when everything we experience is passing and fading. And yet we have hope in Christ’s promise of eternal life, a life beyond this world with joy and love that know no end.

+ Taking it offline
Ask the Lord to increase your desire for Heaven.
Share with one person how you have experienced new life and hope in Jesus.
Pray for someone who has died and pray that they would experience eternal life in Heaven.
Dare to ask Jesus in prayer what things are hindering your relationship with Him.
Eternity means life with no beginning or end. God invites us to life of the best kind. Don't wait for heaven to experience this.

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