Lenten Reflection: Day 8

Today's' Lenten reflections for the website, and for the Facebook page are both so great, we're posting them both here. Our website reflection come from Fr. Baron of Word on Fire.


This past week we have looked at the temptation of the garden and the temptations of desert. All temptations have one thing in common: they entice us to resist the Lordship of God in our lives.

The first temptation began with the Great Lie in the garden; the lie that says we can live our best life outside the rules of God, that freedom requires unrestricted autonomy.

The three temptations Jesus faced in the desert are temptations we all face. Not the exact same things, of course, but his temptations represent three classic ways that we resist the Lordship of God in our lives.

First, we place sensual pleasure at the center of our concerns. We make eating, drinking, and sex the dominant concerns. But this is a source of great mischief, for only God can legitimately fill that central position. This is why Jesus must confront this temptation, feeling its full weight, and then resist it for us.

Next, we are tempted by power. From political dictators to tyrants within families and friendships, power is alluring. This is the temptation Jesus faces as he is brought to the highest mountain and offered all the kingdoms of the world. Once more, on our behalf, Jesus resists this temptation.

Finally, we are tempted to make honor our central pursuit. We want to raise our own reputation, be seen by everyone, be admired, be esteemed - this is the temptation Jesus faces when he is taken to the parapet of the Temple, the highest place in the society of his time and the place of supreme visibility. For the third time, Jesus confronts and resists this temptation for us.

This Lent, I ask you to reflect on where you are right now. What are you doing in the garden? Who is luring you and how? Are you buying into the Big Lie?

Where are you in desert? How do you stand up to the three great temptations: to sensual pleasure, honor, and power?

Today's Facebook Lenten reflection comes from Michael Gormley through Redeemed Online. In the video below Michael talks about prayer and gives 3 practical tips on how to grow in prayer this Lent.

"+ Do you want a rich prayer life?

How is your Lent going so far? One of the most important disciplines we can do during Lent (and anytime for that matter) is prayer. Prayer is where we encounter a living and loving God, who is waiting for us. A lot of times though, prayer can be difficult.

If you are anything like me, it can just be finding the time to pray that's tough. When you've got little children, your time and your day just never seem to go as you plan. Perhaps the things that distract you from prayer aren't kids. Distractions come in all shapes and sizes; they come before prayer calling us away from the time we desire to set aside. They also come during prayer, taking away our attention and focus.

The Lord is patient. He is waiting for you today. He doesn't just want to give you stuff. He wants to share his heart with you.

In today's #ShareJesus, Michael Gormley shares about prayer and gives you 3 tangible ways you can grow in prayer this Lent. Don't just listen to today's message. Take it to heart  and spend some time in prayer. Then share it on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or email it to a friend who needs to hear it.

How do you pray? How will you encounter the Lord today?

+ Taking it offline
Share a prayer request with 3 people today.
Take some extra prayer time today.
Teach someone how to pray.
Spend some time listening in prayer today.
If you are married, make it a point to give your spouse a few extra minutes to pray today by watching the kids or taking a chore off your spouses plate.
Continue to pray for those who you want to share the Lord with over Lent.

 "Prayer can truly change your life. For it turns your attention away from yourself and directs your mind and your heart toward the Lord." Saint John Paul II. Let your life be changed today. "

Today's Facebook Lenten Reflection comes from Fr. Rocky's series "40 Lenten Lessons on the Mass". It focuses on the significance of the procession and greeting at the beginning of Mass. check it out at www.facebook.com/cathedralwinona .