Join the Prayer Chain!

Do you have a few minutes every day that could be used to pray for someone? Are you looking for ways to make daily prayer a part of your life, but you're not sure where to start? Do you believe in the power of intercessory prayer? Cathedral and St. Casimir parishes both have Prayer Chains and YOU can join.

What is it? A Prayer Chain is a group of people organized by either email or phone, that pray for intentions as they come in from other parishioners. 
How does it work? When someone wants to add an intention to the prayer chain, they contact the parish office or one of the organizers. Those people then contact the prayer chain members, either by phone or email (based on the preference of the member).
How can you join? It's now easier than ever to join the prayer chain. You can contact the parish office or you can fill out our brand new online sign-up form HERE.

Want to put a prayer request on the prayer chain? You can contact the office or fill out the online submission form HERE. *All Prayer Chain prayer requests must comply with Diocesan and State rules on privacy. 

There is also a Lenten Prayer Box at the Cathedral. You can submit anonymous prayer requests by filling out the paper slips in the church and dropping them in the box (by the baptismal font), or by using the online prayer request form and checking the option for the Prayer Box. Every weekend Mass during Lent will have the additional intention for "Prayer intentions in the Prayer Box".