Catholic Ministries Appeal: Institute of Lay Formation

This week's video highlights the Institute of Lay Formation through the Department of Lay Ministry Formation. Our parish cluster currently has 9 parishioners in this year's Institute class and 8 graduates from prior classes. Each Class consists of a 3-year commitment by participants to 2 years of formation before one year of either a project that benefits the parish or diocese, or entrance into the Diaconate program.

“We all have a story, tradition or history that we cherish and pass on to future generations. Our story defines us and helps others better understand who we are. Our Catholic faith is part of our story that defines who we are. However, if we do not form ourselves correctly by seeking out ways to grow in our faith, over time we tend to forget our Catholic story and ultimately cease to pass it on. The Institute of Lay Formation provided such a means for me to grow in my faith. Through the Institute, I was given the opportunity to explore and learn more about our Catholic faith. I also grew Closer to Christ as I learned more about Him and His Church. We all need to take our faith seriously, especially when the world around us is doing everything to make us forget our Catholic story. By supporting the Catholic Ministries Appeal, we will continue to have access to the type of Catholic formation that we need to develop a deeper relationship with our Lord, learn our story, cherish it and share it with future generations.”
-- Steve Hesse, St. Mary’s, Winona;

Please give generously to the Catholic Ministries Appeal,