Feed My Starving Children

On October 4th, Cathedral will once again be participating in the Rotary food packing event for “Feed My Starving Children”. 
Cathedral will be packing food from 8-10AM (in Winona) and we will need 16 volunteers. This is a fast-paced and upbeat environment that is very family-friendly! Anyone interested in volunteering, please e-mail Loretta Boyer at: lboyer@hbci.com.  
We also need to pay for the food we pack, so if you are able to donate money please get it to Cathedral clearly marking the donation for “Feed My Starving Children”.

What is Feed My Starving Children?
Started by a Minnesota businessman, Richard Proudfit, Feed My Starving Children has been packaging and shipping food to the world’s hungry since 1987. The organization collaborated with major corporations like Cargill, Pillsbury and General Mills to create a meal that would be packed full of nutrients and could feed malnourished children. After delivering these meals to third world countries, the nonprofit realized they could do more than just provide nutritional meals. Now, not only do they distribute food, they partner with other organizations in helping to stabilize communities by devoting their other resources to schools, healthcare, ministry, agriculture, and micro-business to further develop third-world countries.
Feed My Starving Children has proven to be a trusted company. They are named among the nation’s 2% most-trustworthy charities. The organization is not just a name on a list of best charities. They've been named to this 2% because of the tremendous results, partially contributed by volunteers. All meals that are sent overseas have been hand packaged by groups of volunteers. FMSC increased its number of meals from 400,000 meals a year in 1994 to 153,000,000 meals a year in 2012. They reached a milestone in early 2012 of 600 million meals produced since the beginning of FMSC.