Hello Cathedral of the Sacred Heart

Former parishioner Rachel Wolfe, will be visiting the Cathedral parish this weekend to help raise funds for her volunteer work in El Salvador with the Peace Corps. Below is her letter.

"My name is Rachel Wolfe, a Youth Development Volunteer in El Salvador. I attended WACS for fourteen years, while I grew up in Winona. I was also a part of the Cathedral parish until moving to El Salvador for the Peace Corps in January of 2013. I am extremely excited to come for a visit to see you all! Iw ill be attending the Masses the weekend of of August 9 and 10 in order to raise funds for a scholarship that I offer to a student in my community.
Currently there is one scholarship recipient; however, I am hoping to be able to offer the scholarship to more students. When I arrived to my community a little over a year ago, it was not difficult to see there were few opportunities for a young person who wanted to advance themselves. The children in my community are considered lucky if they can make it through the ninth grade. They are often forced to work if they hope to finish school. If they cannot find a job, they have to drop out.
Children in El Salvador who are not able to go to school are extremely susceptible to gang violence. Working in the streets places them in a vulnerable position. Please help me to keep them off the streets and give them the opportunity to have a bright future. The scholarship covers transportation, school, supplies and meals. Thank you and see you soon!"