15 Random Stewardship Ideas

1. Think of a charity which is amply blessed at Christmas. Remember them with a gift mid-year.
2. Invite a single friend over for a meal.
3. Attend an extra Mass on a weekday this month.
4. Abstain from something you like-meat, a latte, a cold drink - on Fridays and save the money for charity.
5. Take your rosary with you for an early morning walk.
6. Recycle more.
7. Each day, say a prayer for one of the world's trouble spots.
8. Turn off the TV, phone, and computer, and spend an hour devoted to someone you love.
9. Surprise an old friend with a phone call.
10. Buy or pick a flower for someone without a "reason."
11. Take your family to the Farmers' Market.
12. Stop for a moment during your busy day and enjoy an ice cream cone or other favorite treat.
13. If you hear a great homily, tell the homilist.
14. Splurge on some produce and buy enough to share with someone in need.
15. On occasion, try turning your prayer before meals into a spontaneous prayer of thanks, using your own words.

The above article is copied in its entirety from the International Catholic Stewardship Council Parish eBulletin and can be found here.