Prayer for Generosity

Lord Jesus, You came to tell us that the meaning of life consists in giving. You told us that those who cling too tightly to what they have-without thought for you or others- end up losing everything. You gave us new
values by which to measure the worth of a person’s life.

Help us to realize it is not worldly success or riches or fame that gives life meaning. Rather it is the service given to you and others that bring fulfillment and makes our lives worthwhile.

May all our activity help build God’s kingdom: our obedience bring true freedom, our generosity increase love, our suffering bear generous fruit, our death lead to eternal life.


Christian Stewardship and the Need for Recreation

Is there such a thing as a stewardship of recreation? Some people might discuss the thought negatively. But they'd be wrong. 
In his book, The Gift of the Jews, author Thomas Cahill observes that, in receiving the Ten Commandments, the ancient Hebrews did something no other ancient society had ever done; they established a day of rest. "The God who made the universe and rested bids us to do the same, calling us to a weekly restoration of prayer, study, and recreation (or re-creation)."
For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere at least, probably no other month bids us to relax as the month of July has. Backyard barbecues, days at the pool or the beach, a recreational outing or simply lazy idleness of a mid-year Sunday afternoon invite us to slow down. And this invitation should be heeded. Sometimes, our society induces in us a sense of guilt if we're not "doing". But in turning off the computer and the phone and spending quality time with those around us, or finding time for our own interior lives, it is stewardship of our time which leads us to the place where God dwells. It's a good example for our kids as well: Summer presents a wonderful time to "rest" from all the electronic screens and busyness that dominate their young lives. 
July is also the month when U.S. Citizens celebrate the proclamation of our freedom. When the Hebrew people first recieved the Ten Commandments, they too had just received their freedom from the Egyptians after a sojourn in the wilderness. Cahill thinks it's no coincidence that a people recently liberated were in need of a directive to rest and reflect. "Leisure," he writes, "is the necessary ground of creativity, and a free people are free to imitate the creativity of God."
So, the next time you feel guilty about a quiet, reflective time of doing "nothing", remember that recreation also means "re-creation." To be a truly creative person, a steward of our interior resources, we must honor our need to rest, relax, be with others, read and play. 

The above article is copied in its entirety from the July edition of the International Catholic Stewardship Council Parish eBulletin and can be found here.

Book History of the Diocese of Winona

There was a mistake in this month's edition of the Courier regarding the history book for the Diocese of Winona. The book coincides with the 125th Anniversary of the Diocese of Winona this Fall and will feature not only the history of the Diocese of Winona, but also a short history of every parish in it.
The book is currently being printed and will not be available until September. Please watch the website and bulletin for more information!

July Stewardship Prayer

Lord and Creator,
You are the source of wisdom and grace,
the author of human freedom and creativity.
We thank you for these gifts, and ask that you teach us
to be good stewards of our creative spirits.
Show us how to quiet ourselves, and to learn
the art of re-creation, reflection and relaxation
so that we might recharge and refill ourselves
for the work you have planned for us.
Help us never to be too busy to pause and realize
your gracious presence all around us: in nature, in other people, in ourselves.
Slow us down, Lord, and teach us to be
stewards of our time and recreation.

Upcoming Changes in Priest Assignments

New Parochial Vicar Appointments

Father Adam McMillan, parochial vicar of Cathedral of the Sacred Heart, Saint Casimir and Newman Center cluster, Winona, MN to be parochial vicar of Queen of Angels parish cluster, Austin, MN and All Saints parish cluster, New Richland, MN effective August 1, 2014.

As already announced, Very Rev. Glenn Frerichs, from Parochial Vicar of Cathedral of the Sacred Heart and St. Casimir, Winona; and St. Thomas Aquinas Newman Center, Winona to become Pastor of St. Rose of Lima, Lewiston; St. Anthony, Altura; and Immaculate Conception, Wilson for a six year term, effective August 13, 2014. From Adjutant Judicial Vicar to Judicial Vicar of the Diocesan Marriage Tribunal in the Diocese of Winona, effective on July 1, 2014.

We will have a thank you and farewell gathering after all the Masses on the weekend of July 26/27 in honor of Fr. McMillan and Fr. Frerichs.

Father Chinnappa Pothireddy, parochial administrator of Saint Ann, Janesville, MN and Saint Joseph, Waldorf, MN to be parochial vicar of Cathedral of the Sacred Heart, Saint Casimir and Newman Center cluster, Winona, MN effective August 13, 2014.

We will have a welcome for Fr. Chinnappa the weekend of August 17-18 after all the weekend Masses.

Holy Hour for Life, Marriage & Religious Liberty on July 19th

The monthly Holy Hour for Life, Marriage & Religious Liberty will take place on July 19th at 8:30 am, after the 8:00 am Mass in the Adoration Chapel at Cathedral (360 Main Street). All are welcome!

2014 Rediscover: Catholic Celebration

With last year's ReDiscover such a success, this year it's even bigger and better than ever! For more information about the great line-up of speakers and events coming this October, check out their page here. It will sell out quickly!

The 2014 Rediscover: Catholic Celebration is for all Catholics who want to find new ways to live out their faith more fully.  Catholics from across the Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis come to celebrate the depth and beauty of our Catholic faith! Be inspired by internationally-known speakers and great music.

Unite with fellow Catholics to celebrate the depth and beauty of our Catholic faith. Be inspired by internationally-known speakers and great music. Learn about exciting faith formation, worship and service opportunities throughout the Archdiocese and beyond in the Rediscover: Exhibit hall. The event will conclude with the celebration of Holy Mass. The day includes break-out sessions for adults, Latinos, youth and children.

Featuring: Archbishop Paul Coakley of Oklahoma City, Scott Hahn, Father Dave Dwyer, Curtis Martin, Leah Darrow, Kelly Wahlquist, Jeff Cavins, and more!

Happy Independence Day

A Prayer for Independence Day
On this Independence Day I am reminded of all those who have sacrificed for my freedom, following the example of your Son, Jesus Christ. Let me not take my freedom, both physical and spiritual, for granted. May I always remember that my freedom was purchased with a very high price. My freedom cost others their very lives.
Lord, today, bless those who have served and continue to give their lives for my freedom. With favor and bounty meet their needs and watch over their families.
Help me to live my life in a way that glorifies you, Lord. Give me the strength to be a blessing in someone else's life today, and grant me the opportunity to lead others into the freedom that can be found in knowing Christ.

Day 14: Reflection for the Fortnight for Freedom

Day 14: July 4, 2014
The fact is that men of the present day want to be able to freely profess their religion in private and in public. Religious freedom has already been declared to be a civil right in most constitutions, and it is solemnly recognized in international documents. The further fact is that forms of government still exist under which, even though freedom of religious worship receives constitutional recognition, the powers of government are engaged in the effort to deter citizens from the profession of religion and to make life difficult and dangerous for religious Communities. 
This sacred Synod greets with joy the first of these two facts, as among the signs of the ties. With sorrow, however, it denounces the other fact, as only to be deplored. The Synod exhorts Catholics, and it directs a plea to all men, most carefully to consider how greatly necessary religious freedom is, especially in the present condition of the human family. 

Day 13: Reflection for the Fortnight for Freedom

Day 13: July 3, 2014
In turn, where the principle of religious freedom is not only proclaimed in words or simply incorporated in law but also given sincere and practical application, there the Church succeeds in achieving a stable situation of right as well as of fact and the independence which is necessary for the fulfillment of her divine mission. This independence is precisely what the authorities of the Church claim in society.
At the same time, the Christian faithful, in common with all other men, posses the civil right not to be hindered in leading their lives in accordance with their conscience. Therefore, a harmony exists between the freedom of the Church and the religious freedom which is to be recognized as the right of all men and communities and sanctioned by constitutional law. 

Declaration on Religious Liberty
(Dignitatis Humanae), no 3
December 7, 1965

Click here to read the reflection on the above excerpt for Day 13.

Did You Know?

Did you know that the USCCB (United States Council of Catholic Bishops) has several daily resources on their website free of charge?

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Day 12: Reflection for the Fortnight for Freedom

Day 12: July 2, 2014
Among the things which concern the good of the Church and indeed the welfare of society here on earth - things therefore which are always and everywhere to be kept secure and defended against all injury - this certainly is preeminent, namely, that the Church should enjoy that full measure of freedom which her care for salvation of men requires. This freedom is sacred because the only-begotten Son endowed with it the Church which He purchased with His blood. It is so much the property of the Church that to act against it is to act against the will of God. The freedom of the Church is the fundamental principle in what concerns the relations between the Church and governments and the whole civil order. 

Declaration on Religious Liberty
(Dignitatis Humanae), no 3
December 7, 1965

Click here to read the reflection on the above excerpt for Day 12.

Day 11: Reflection for the Fortnight for Freedom

Day 11: July 1, 2014
Furthermore, society has the right to defend itself against possible abuses committed on pretext of freedom of religion. It is the special duty of government to provide this protection. However, government is not to act in arbitrary fashion or in an unfair spirit of partisanship. Its action is to be conformity with the objective moral order. 
These norms arise out of the need for effective safeguard of the rights of all citizens and for peaceful settlement of conflicts of rights. They flow from the need for an adequate care of genuine public peace, which comes about when men live together in good order and in true justice. They come, finally, out of the need for a proper guardianship of public morality. These matters constitute the basic component of the common welfare: they are what is meant by public order. 
For the rest, the usages of society are to be the usages of freedom in their full range. These require that the freedom of man  be respected as far as possible, and curtailed only when and in so far as necessary. 

Declaration on Religious Liberty
(Dignitatis Humanae), no 3
December 7, 1965

Click here to read the reflection on the above excerpt for Day 11.