Southern Minnesota Ministry Appeal

Thank you to everyone who has already made a donation to the Annual Diocesan Catholic Ministries Appeal this year. The Annual Appeal is the primary source of funding which helps sustain and expand critical ministries in the 114 parishes, 30 schools, and other Catholic organizations within the 20 counties served by the Diocese of Winona.

Our parishioners, parish staff and parish programs all benefit from the money raised by this appeal every year. Things like our Bible Study DVD leader packs and the Courier, as well as events such as Ministry Days, Church Media Day, and the Year of Faith Closing Celebration were all made possible due to funding by the Foundation. Additionally, the foundation supports Pre-Cana opportunities for engaged couples, Youth activities (such as Camp Summit and travel opportunities to National and regional conferences and scholarships for these events), the Newman Center in Winona, the Institute of Lay Formation, and our Diocesan Vocations office.

2014 Cathedral parish goal: $47,450
Currently at $20,993.56 with 69 donations.

2014 St. Casimir parish goal: $13,610
Currently at $5,485 with 23 donations.

Every dollar raised above each parish goal comes back to the parish. Please fill out the donation card and drop it in the collection or get it to the parish office. You can donate online via Our Sunday Visitor. Visit for more information.