New Online Apologetics Course

In this Year of Thanksgiving, in which the Diocese of Winona is celebrating its 125th anniversary, the Office for Evangelization and Apologetics is offering to all Catholics interested in improving their knowledge on how to defend the Faith (1 Pet. 3:15) to subscribe to the new Apologetics Online Course, scheduled to start in May 2014.

You will receive one lesson a month on a variety of topics, such as, Is Jesus' presence in the Eucharist real or symbolic? Why do we need a Pope? How can he be infallible? Aren't statues just 'idols'? Isn't the Rosary a prayer of 'vain repetitions'? Why do Catholic priests don't marry? Why call Mary 'Mother of God'? Didn't She have other children? How can one prove the Immaculate Conception and the Assumption? Isn't the Bible alone sufficient? Isn't Faith alone enough to be saved? Why no women priests? and plenty more! The New Apologetics Online Course is expected to last one year, during which you will periodically receive self-evaluation tests. Quarterly conferences are expected to be held in different parishes of the diocese to gather those students who wish to develop their speaking ability.

The cost? It's free! Just send an email with your name and parish to Mr. Raymond de Souza, KM at to join the emailing list.