Opportunity to Help: Adamczyk Family

St. Casimir parishioners Richard and Jean Adamczyk are currently experiencing major medical issues. Richard was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor in August of this year. He is experiencing multiple seizures as a side effect of the tumor. During this time Jean was diagnosed with uterine cancer and underwent treatment. The treatment was successful but her she developed leukemia from it. Fortunately, Jean is currently cancer-free. The next step in her treatment is a stem-cell replacement. The replacement will help her body become strong enough to stay healthy after all of her other treatments. She will be required to stay within 15 miles of the Mayo Clinic for a period of 50 days. Unfortunately her medical insurance will not pay for her temporary housing in a sterile environment during this time.

Their son, Brion, and other family members have been helping to take care of Richard and Jean and help get them to their medical appointments in Rochester. As you can imagine, the situation is overwhelming mentally, physically, and financially for everyone. We invite you to consider a donation toward their immediate expenses of gas and Jean’s upcoming housing. Gas cards and cash donations are being accepted at the parish office. If you wish to donate by check, please make checks payable to Brion Adamczyk.

We have also made a sign-up for people to cook meals on Wednesday and Thursdays for the next 8 weeks on the Meal Train Website. If you would like to sign up for a day or would like  more information please see the website or contact the parish office.