Reflection:First Week of Lent

The First Week of Lent
It is wonderful to see the early weeks of Lent as a catechism for those who are on a journey toward Baptism at the Easter Vigil.  Each liturgy offers a new "lesson in the faith" for these new believers.  Viewed this way, Lent can be a journey of renewal in faith for us all.  We listen, with the hearts of children, learning old lessons, as though for the first time.

And each day, we pray these special prayers that simply help us keep turning to God for the graces we need for the day.  Throughout the day, we find moments, perhaps "in the background" while we are doing other things, that help us remember what we are asking for.  Our desire grows as we make changes to our daily patterns.  As we make sacrifices, in order to experience freedom from self-directed needs, we also experience a freedom for other-directed love and generosity.

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