New Bible Study: Untold Blessing

What is your goal?

As children of God, our ultimate goal is to be saints. It is our greatest calling and what is desired for us by our Creator. Father Robert Barron explains what it takes to be a follower of Jesus Christ.  He shows us three paths to holiness: Finding the Center; Knowing You’re A Sinner; and Realizing Your Life is Not About You. He also provides practical approaches to enhance our journey along these paths.
Join us for this new transformative DVD Study Series, “Untold Blessing.”

Tuesday evenings, 630 pm – 830 pm, April 8 – May 20, 2014, St. Augustine Room, Cathedral
Wednesday mornings, 930 am – 1130 am, April 9, 2014 – May 21, 2014, St. Augustine Room, Cathedral

Cost of Study Guide:  $16
Registration:  Pick up Registration form in Gathering Space or Register online Here.
For more information:  Donna Fakler, 507-454-1296,