Gift of Warmth for Austin's Pacelli Catholic School

This weekend the Austin Daily Herald did a story about Cathedral parishioner Angie Bork and her work quilting for Catholic Schools and causes around the area. Angie most recently donated 60 quilts to the Pacelli Catholic Elementary School in Austin, MN. We're blessed to have such thoughtful people in our cluster community!

Katherine Moore, left, talks about her mother, Angie Bork, who donated quilts to Pacelli students.
An act of kindness goes a long way, or so Katherine Moore told 3-, 4- and 5-year-olds at Pacelli Elementary School Wednesday morning.
Moore should know. She and her sister, Julie Krackow, have watched their 85-year-old mother make quilts for children for a long, long time.
“She’s been doing this forever,” Krackow said.
Krackow and Moore were at Pacelli to deliver more than 60 quilts made by Angie Bork, a Wisconsin woman who has made quilts for children at catholic schools and those in need across the country for years. 
“It’s amazing,” said Laura Marreel, Pacelli Catholic Schools assistant principal.

Marreel heard from Bork last September when Marreel visited a pastoral center. Bork got in touch with Pacelli officials and wanted to make quilts for the school’s 4- and 5-year-old population at first, but found she could make a few more quilts after she filled her quota in December. Bork wasn’t able to make it to Pacelli Wednesday, as she doesn’t often travel at her age.
Bork was busy raising 10 children for years before turning to quilting as a way to share God’s love with others, according to Moore. She and her children have donated quilts to many schools and organizations, including children in Joplin, Mo., after a tornado struck the town in May of 2011.
“My mother is an angel,” Moore said.
The quilts are made from various fabric and patterns. They’re designed to show off colors and shapes to help students learn in the classroom and at home.
“It’s inspiring to see this woman donate quilts to 3-year-olds from another state,” Marreel said.