New Cluster Parish Directory This April!

We want YOU to be a part of our new cluster family directory!
Let's put names with faces. We've chosen to partner with LifeTouch for professional photography that will connect our members and tell our story.
Each family will receive a complimentary 8x10 portrait and directory for participating. 
We'll be photographing Cathedral parishioners April 2nd - 6th, and St. Casimir parishioners April 9th - 12th. Time slots will be one hour. Start thinking about the best dates and times for you and your family during your parish's shoot.
Not officially registered for Cathedral or St. Casimir yet? Click here to fill out the registration form online, or contact the office to get paper forms. Not sure if you're registered? Call us!

Lifetouch will photograph at our location. 
In your one-hour session you will :
Be professionally photographed
Immediately review your portraits
Have an opportunity to purchase additional portraits

Are you interested in purchasing portraits? We'll have all the information you need on Sign-Up Weekend (March 16th/17th).