Stewardship Reflection

Msgr. Thomas McGread: Teaching Our Children the Importance of Stewardship

Msgr. Thomas McGread is Stewardship Director Emeritus for the Diocese of WichitaStewardship is a gift we need to pass along to our children. As children are growing up, they watch what their parents do with their time, and they learn from it.
Fr. Patrick Peyton, a great man involved with the Family Rosary Crusade, once said, “A family that prays together stays together.” When I first heard this statement years ago, I thought it was very powerful, and I think it’s still important today.

When parents pray with their children at home, the children see how their parents are dependent on Almighty God. For children, especially little ones, parents serve that role of God because the little children depend on their parents for their housing, their food, and everything else in their lives.
So, parents can use praying together as a way to teach children about our dependence on God for everything, and how all of our gifts – our time, our talents, and our treasure – are gifts from God.  Building lessons of the proper use of time will begin to teach the little children how to take their first steps of stewardship.