A Prayer for the Papacy of His Holiness Upon His Resignation

God, our Loving Father,
we ask Your blessing on Pope Benedict XVI
upon the occasion of his resignation.

Thank You for his years
of dedicated leadership in which he
faithfully administered the mysteries
of Your forgiveness and love.

Thank you, too, for the outstanding pastoral care
he has offered us as our Holy Father. 
May Your Holy Spirit continue to guide him
as he now walks a new path.

Gracious God, bless the future
of Your Holy Church as it now moves forward
to choose a new Pope, 
a new spiritual leader for Your Catholic people.

We pray for the Cardinals as they gather
for their Conclave 
to select the new successor to Saint Peter.
With the inspiration of the Holy Spirit,
may they choose a worthy steward of Your faith
to meet the challenges of today's world.

We ask all these things in Jesus' name.