Stewardship “Countless Blessings” Prayer

Generous God, you have blessed us immeasurably.
We are eternally grateful for your many blessings.
The beauty of the world we live in,
the wonder of creation,
and the miraculous gift of life itself.
The loving support of family and friends,
their caring sympathy during troubles
and their sharing happiness during our joys
The challenge of the tasks we work at,
the satisfaction of our accomplishments,
the enjoyment of our hobbies and diversions
and the meaningfulness of our volunteering.

The gift of shelter,
the nourishment of food and sustenance,
and the warmth and comfort of our clothes.
The trials and tribulations that each one of us faces,
that cause us to acknowledge our dependence on God.
The ‘little things’ –
a good book or great movie,
chocolate chip cookies,
arriving home safely,
and all those other things we take for granted but which are really blessings.
The love of a God who cares for each one of us,
the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ,
and the continuing presence of the Holy Spirit
May we always remember to live as grateful stewards of your countless blessings.
We share our gratitude to you now and forever.