Advent is Coming! Are you ready?

Most of us are already busy making plans or buying gifts for Christmas.  Every time we go to a store we know they are ready for us to buy their nice new displays that would look so good in our homes.  However, as Catholic's we remember the true purpose for this season, the coming of our Savior!  Advent is a time of preparation for the incredible reality that God became a human man in Jesus.  As we prepare for Christmas, might we take this week to get an Advent wreath (or make a simple one with our family).  Below I will give a couple links with some simple suggestions for ways to celebrate Advent that can help prepare us for Christmas along with a video of how to make one yourself.

Click here for a blog on some "baby steps for celebrating Advent"
Click here for a link with both some history on the Advent wreath and a how to make one yourself.