A Stewardship “Meal Blessing”

Good and gracious God,
As we gather together for this meal, we
pause from the normal routines of our daily lives
to give thanks and praise for the abundant
blessings you have bestowed upon us.
You have entrusted us with the wonders of your
creation and given us the freedoms and
opportunities to creatively collaborate
in your divine plan.
Bless all of us who gather here in your name.
Give us the grace to be good stewards of your
bounty, the courage to proclaim the Gospel in
word and deed; and the wisdom to claim nothing
for ourselves, but return all to You with increase.
Bless this food we are about to share and
all those who brought it to our table.
Bless our loved ones, family and friends who are
not with us this day; and on those who travel, that
they may reach their destinations safely.
And in a special way, bless those who are less
fortunate than we are today. Grant that we
who are filled with Your abundance never
close our hearts to those most in need of Your
mercy, particularly the hungry, the
homeless and the poor.
We ask this through our Lord, Jesus Christ, your

Son, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy
Spirit, one God forever and ever.