Stewardship Weekends at Cathedral and St. Casimir

As we have done the past few years, we will be having our annual Fall Stewardship weekends with Msgr. Colletti preaching this weekend and Fr. Kern preaching next weekend on our call to be good stewards of God’s gifts. Stewardship is defined as our generous response to God for all the blessings we have received in life. All believers are asked to return a portion of their blessings to the service of the Kingdom, the service of the Church, through sharing their time, talent and treasure. We seek to grow as stewardship parishes, which means we ask every member of our faith community to generously support the mission and life of the parish through their weekly offering and through a commitment to a parish ministry, organization, program or activity. We have these beautiful Churches of Cathedral of the Sacred Heart and St. Casimir to worship Him in, and the freedom to do so.

We have a wonderful complement of brothers and sisters here to encourage us to truly live for God; individually, as families, and as a parish. His many gifts are truly without number. What does He ask us in return? It is a simple exchange; He gives us everything; we give everything back to Him. All that we have is a gift, St. Paul reminds us, and those gifts have one purpose, to build the Kingdom. I see many wonderful ways in which the Kingdom is being dynamically built here at our parish cluster - folks responding to the gentle urges of the Spirit, as He guides us and directs us. We have been blessed with many new members the past four years. This Welcome Weekend, we have a pot luck for new parishioners on Saturday  night, and on Sunday we have the annual Block Party to welcome our University Students.  Periodically, we need to be reminded as to how we, as individuals and as a parish, need to respond to all of the gifts the Lord Jesus has given to us.
To this end, each year we devote several weeks at Cathedral and St. Casimir to Stewardship:  how we respond to God’s call for our lives, and the gifts He has provided to us. Last year we participated in two phases: Time and Talent Ministry Sign Up in the spring, and stewardship of Treasure in the Fall.  This way we can see how our time, treasure, and talents, are gifts from God for the building of His Kingdom.  We also reflect upon how the Lord Jesus would have us use those gifts for His glory. It is a comprehensive look at how we build the Kingdom. It includes a special look at how we use our most cherished possession, our time, to cooperate with what the Lord Jesus is doing in our midst.  Pray with me these tow weeks for Gods blessing on this years Stewardship Initiative.