Marriage Amendment Update

A group calling itself “Catholics for Marriage Equality MN” seeks to confuse Catholics and the public about authentic Church teaching related to matters of marriage and sexuality. The Diocese of Winona wishes to make it known that this group does not speak for the Catholic Church, is not an agent or entity of the Diocese of Winona or the universal Church, and has no authority to determine what does and does not constitute Christian doctrine and morality. The Diocese asks that Catholics avoid associating themselves with this group, and not be deceived by its messages, which are in conflict with the fundamental teachings of the Church.   Catholics for Marriage Equality MN” attempts to convince Catholics that they can be in good standing with the Church and oppose Church teaching about human sexuality and marriage, which centers on the complementarity of the sexes and the mutual self-gift of loving spouses in marital union.
The group also misleads people by proposing a false ecclesiology that undermines the legitimate authority of the bishops and the Magisterium as the authentic guardian, interpreter, and teacher of the faith handed to the apostles by Jesus Christ.  The Diocese also wishes to remind Catholics of the importance of showing loving support and solicitude to those struggling with same-sex attraction and condemning every instance of unjust discrimination against them. The Catholic Church desires that all persons enjoy the same basic rights consistent with their human dignity.  Please Vote Yes for the Marriage Amendment this November and remember, if you do not specifically mark Yes, the vote gets counted as a No. Rev. Msgr. Richard M. Colletti