Feast Days this Week

St. Bernard
St. Pope Pius X
Queenship of Mary
Saint Bartholomew-Apostle
St. Rose of Lima
St. Louis of France
This week is filled with good saint feast days in the church including, Saint Bernard on Monday who was a doctor of the Church and was one of the earliest to write about the love God has for all of His followers.  On Tuesday we celebrate St. Pius X who was a very good pope who taught the faith beautifully and recommended frequent holy communion.  On Wednesday the Church celebrates the Queenship of Mary a week after her Assumption as we celebrate the feast in which she is crowned as Queen of Heaven and earth.  Thursday continues our week of feast days as we celebrate a holy woman saint, Saint Rose of Lima.  This Peruvian saint was the first saint of the "new world" and practiced prayer and daily penance.  On Friday we celebrate a true feast in the church of one of the apostles--Saint Bartholomew.  Bartholomew is identified in the tradition as Nathaniel in the Gospel and is to have died preaching the Gospel in the east and martyred by being flayed alive.  Saturday concludes with the feast of Saint Louis, King of France.  What a week!  Pray for all these saints intercession and know that God will give us the grace to live a life of holiness and virtue as they did.  Each day God gives us the grace to be a saint!