Items to Pray For this Weekend

A huge youth event is taking place in Rochester this weekend.  It is called Steubenville North and is a wonderful Catholic youth event with tons of energy.  The youth will spend time in prayer before the Blessed Sacrament and will attend Mass each day.  Many priests (including the bishop) from the diocese will come to hear confessions.  The youth are given opportunities to learn the Church's teachings as well being able to discuss the "hot topic" stuff so desperately needed these days.  Keep the event taking place at the Rochester Civic Center in your prayers.  Click here for the website with the events information.
Along with this, some of our own Catholic youth here in Winona are preparing for a mission trip to Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota at the end of this month.  I remember these kinds of events being so formative to my faith life as a young man and so your prayers for both God's grace to break through as well as each young person's openness to God is vital.  This is an important role for all of us in the parish community to incorporate more deeply by lifting one another up in prayer.