Happy Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day!  On this day I can't help but feel gratitude in my heart for the numerous blessings of our great nation.  I feel so very indebted to those who have gone before us to make this country what it is and will continue to be, please God.  In a particular way my mind is drawn to thank those who have served our nation in the armed forces and particularly those who have died doing so.  May they find eternal rest with our Savior.  Finally, just a word of encouragement as we continue to work to shape this nation into a land of continued liberty.  We must continue in our prayers and efforts to ensure that authentic religious liberty is maintained and defended.  We must also seek for an end to injustices such as abortion, euthanasia, homelesssness, and poverty in a nation of such prosperity.  We must defend our liberties and strive to improve our nation in every way that we can.  May God grant you peace and joy this day; enjoy your time with family and friends and keep cool!  God bless you.