Feast of St. James the Apostle

Today is a special Feast day of one of the Twelve Apostles.  St. James the greater is celebrated this day throughout the Church.  St. James is known to have traveled to Spain and brought the faith there.  Click here to read Saint James biography.  As they celebrate in devotion the life of this fervent apostle, the Cathedral of Saint James in Compostella, Spain swings the largest thurible of incense ever (as far as I know).  Fr. Colletti and I both were privileged to witness this live with the other pilgrims on our trip for World Youth Day last summer in Spain.  This video shows the incensing and it is truly amazing how close it swings to both the people and the ceiling.  Enjoy this fun video when the Pope was there.  It is more chaotic when the Pope is not there as people pack the Cathedral during the mass to witness this incredible devotion!