Almost There: Annual Diocesan Appeal

Thank you to everyone who has been so generous to the Annual Diocesan Appeal.
Cathedral has fulfilled it's monetary goal and is well on the way to surpassing it's participation goal. They have currently raised $56,849, surpassing the monetary goal of $45,410. The participation is slightly below the goal of 25%, currently sitting at 24.44%. 
St. Casimir has fulfilled BOTH it's monetary and participation goals for the year! They have currently raised $18,672, surpassing the monetary goal of $13,460. The participation goal of 25% has also been exceeded and is currently at 30.07%. 
What does this mean? Because St. Casimir has exceeded BOTH goals, they will be getting back the money over the goal, giving them a profit of $5,212. Cathedral still has to hit the participation in order to get the money back, with a possible profit of $11,439. Money that continues to come in will also come back to the parishes. 
If you haven't donated yet, please consider doing so. You can get up-to-date parish stats and donate online by clicking on this link.  Thank you!